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A3 1.4 TFSI 150 COD
Do you have empty buttons in your car? Are there any options you wish the first buyer had ticked?

I wish I had heated front seats, the 2 blank buttons annoy me more than the lack of heated seats! Just for a laugh I might write nitrous and oil slick on them!
I do miss the electric seats from the Pug. THey were eight (!!) way adjustable for driver and front passenger.

My 5 series has mechanically adjustable seats and they work well but I'd prefer motorised ones all the same.

It does have, as did the Pug, auto wipers and lights, auto dimming mirrors etc but the elec seats were a luxury.
mines only missing the front fog lights so i have one blanking plug near my right knee on the dash which is a little annoying, electric everything just adds so much weight keeping the mpg and the performance down
HAHA, every car I have had has had all the extras! I have never had a blanking plate. Even my clapped out Escort had everything. Because it had the heated windscreen, fog lights and even electric windows!!!! WOW!!!!

My Mazda had the works too, and I am still trying to work out what some of my buttons do on my Evo!! lol
Empty button syndrome is where there are blanking pieces installed. If your car is without a piece of auxilliary equipment but there isn't a blanking piece where the switch would be then it's not an empty button really.

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