Are you a tank half empty sort of person?


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Are you optimistic in your outlook on life or do you always focus in on the bad? Is your tank half full or half empty?
Life is far too short and unpredictable to take the half empty outlook. We all go to work in the morning "knowing" that we will go home at the end of the day. This is actual rubbish as we do not know what the day will bring and what we will be doing at the end of it. (from great to bad) You may meet the girl of you dreams at a fuel station or in McD's whils getting your lunch and end up back at hers, or you could have a nasty accident somewhere and end up in hospital or possibly worse.

Grim bit alert...

Nearly 6 years ago I went to work as I do, mon to fri. At 11.00am I was rushed to hospital with 2 of my fingers disconnected to the rest of my body.
In january I went to the doctors with "really bad poo pains" to be told get to a hospital asap as you have an inflamed appendix. It burst while it was being removed.

I think its because of these events that I very rarely, ever get stressed out or moody. Lifes too short, enjoy the good bits, savour the great, forget the bad.
That's fine mate....what your saying is spot on! I don't care about using far too much salt or drinking loads of alcohol on a friday night...because I enjoy it! Not to mention you only get the one chance at life so why not enjoy it?!

Personally I try to see the tank (or glass) as half full, occasionally it becomes half empty but usually not!
glass as full as possible no point getting down on anything things happen theres nothing you me or anyone else can do about it
more good things happen to me than bad ones
I have to admit I have a half-empty outlook. It's not ideal and I need to learn to pay less attention to the things about which I can do nothing. In the meantime I'll make up for it on here by making excessively opinionated contributions.


For the state of this country it's a totally empty tank and totally empty glass. The UK is largely f***ed due to sucessive governments blaming their predecessors for everything.

So mine is always empty. And next fill will cost more per litre. Each time.
Sucessive pattern here.....
Mine is either half empty or totally empty. I can't believe the prices were charged for fuel. They put it right up and then it slides down a bit and we are all grateful it is £1.15 wheras we were mega miffed when it went to £1.00 and really annoyed at £1.30!
to be quite honest,

i am a half empty person, seeing as i have a **** car lol, i have to keep it alive and at least keep up with some of my friends. well try. half tank seems to not slow me down and i can keep track of how much i am using to be honest!

i cant wait to get rid of this 1.1i, its just embarassing
Well the tank's half empty in an Impreza as soon as you wake up the turbo ;)

If the glass is half empty, mine's a pint and it's your round :p No drinking and driving though, that's for tw@s
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