EA111 Upgrade injectors?


Audi A1 1.4 TFSI
how capable are the stock injectors in the EA111 engines more specifically the 1.4 TFSI CAXA engine. I looking to go for a power level of around 230-240BHP so are uprated injections necessary?
The answer is that I don't know with any certainty the stock turbo tends to give out before people hit a power limit.

I don't think those have variable valve timing on the exhaust if it's the 120hp engine you have, so choose your turbo wisely.

You will also struggle with traction at those figures - the A1 is so light. I personally think the sweet spot for power on those is around 180hp.

There are guesses that the stock fuel system on the 150hp units are good for 280hp+, but I've never seen anything solid to back this up. I'd be very curious to know if you find a definitive answer to this question.
IMO the existing injectors need to be cleaned and flow tested and then get a base line tune on a dyno to find out the % of they are flowing @ WOT and it should be no more than 85% IF it is close to that and you intend to wind up the boost pressure then higher flowing injectors is the first thing needed and the car will have go back back on the dyno to tweak the AFR's for the best result.

Better to have more than enough fuel supply than too little and run lean AFR's and get detonation or a melted piston.

FYI been there done that dyno /flo testing many times over many years.
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