E30 316 carb upgrade


BMW E30 M10
hey every one , iwas woundering if any one could help me to gain more power from my m10 . couse in iran doing a swap is illegal.but I all ready have an m20b23 on my e30 but I have to change it back to its m10. so is there a logical and cheap way for more BHP's?
Hello and welcome mate. Tbh I don't know much at all about carb engines. So I've moved the thread in the hope some of the more 'experienced' (and yes, by that I mean old ;)) tuners will see it. Once it gets enough replies I will move it back.
tanx . i hope some one will help me but I think im running out time And Im rebuilding the engine now so I will use any suggestion in netx engine
Hi, I have also M10b18 with carb on it and have same idea to gain some more power from this engine. At first I was thinking to swap carb with manifold and injection unit from the same engine installed in later model. Any suggestion about this modification any power gain?

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