Drifting courses

change that thread. are there any drift tracks that are open to the public for less than £125 for 20 minutes of driving. what do you do in 4 hours if all there is is 20 minutes driving time. thats ludicrous. i know the theory behind drifting the problem is putting it into practice safely
It is getting easier. Lydden Hill in Kent are worth chatting to. They often have drifting events so if enough of us turned up we could probably get a good rate. If you are interested in a drift day post up here and tell us which location and if we get enough support we will organise something.
i no a guy in southhampton he gives u a 240sx and its £50 per 1hour and half

more details mate, wouldnt need to use his car, but would be very interested in cheap track time.need to get some practice in.
if its £50 for an hour an half of actual on track time, id be interested. you got a number for the guy?
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