CL550 ECU Tuning


BMW X6 35i
Hello all, I apologize if this has been addressed but I am in a bind. I am looking for an ECU programming device or something similar to add HP to a CL550. I recently purchased a Juice Box Stage 3 Plug n Play for my X6 (BMW) and am looking for something similar for a friend for his CL550 as a gift. All of your help is greatly appreciated as I have had no luck searching online and it's getting way too close. Ha! Thanks!!
Why not just buy a remap voucher instead? I'm not sure there is anything around like the juice box for the CL550, you'll probably get more power with a remap anyway. Another option would be to book in a mobile remap for your friend. Try Celtic tuning, sr performance and mobileecuremapping for starters.
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