B200 Turbo Tuning

Hi there and welcome. Are you talking about the Car in general or specifically the turbo?

It would make sense to get a hybrid turbo made up that spools up quicker and doesn't run out of puff quite so soon. Are you having trouble with it then?
Hi there,

It's the petrol 2.0L Turbo. The car is fine, running perfect and completely stock. I've been looking at an ECU remap (upsolute) which brings the power up to 228 hp (168 kW) and 253 lb/ft (343 Nm). I was just curious if anybody already had experience with this, positive or negative, to steer me in the right direction.
I've also thought about actually replacing the turbocharger with a more efficient/powerful turbo. One that spolls up quicker and creates more boost. I would also need a new intercooler and new intake/exhaust. I would like to eventually have my B200 as a summer tuner car, instead os a regular daily driver. Modified with up to 300 hp, but I may just stick with the remap.

I live in Canada, and MB only sells the 200 and 200 Turbo (petrol models only). We didn't get any diesels or the smaller displacements. Just like the new GLK, no diesel just the 350.

Hey Steve,

I live in Edmonton, Alberta. It's in western Canada, on the prairies, a little east of the Rockies. You're in Rhodesia?


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