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Merc B200 Turbo
Good Morning. I own a 2007 Merc B200 Turbo (Petrol) CVT auto from new. It now has approx 32k on the clock and is due a service shortly at MB. I suspect the brakes/discs may need to be replaced, but either way I have never rated the braking power of this car - it feels like a heavy car and in my opinion under powered in the braking department. I wonder if anyone has any advice/suggestions for improving braking performance? I've always replaced the tyres with the same Continental 245/40 ZR18's which came as stock on the car. Additionally, I (naturally) have become accustomed to the performance and on occasions would like more, but wonder (a) whether the auto CVT gearbox can take more power, and (b) what potential damage this would do to fuel ecomomy? (it'll do approx 30mpg at the mo). The car has FSH with MB and has not been modified at all. Warranty now past as the car has just exceeded 3 years of age. Appreciate any comments/suggestions, and a happy new year to you all.
Many thanks.
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