Choppy and Way Too Loud Exhaust


Chicago, IL
Jetta 2.5 SE
So this is going to sound extremely dumb but I took my car to a shop and had them straight pipe my exhaust, straight from the header. I drive a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 SE (a massive pain in the ass of a car to tune or mod).

Currently it has an Integrated Engineering Stage 1 TCU tune, an aFe Magnum FORCE Pro 5R Stage 2 Intake, and now the straight pipe exhaust.

I did some research online on how it would sound on my car and it seemed to be alright, not too loud and not particularly quiet. But in person and actually driving the car, its unbearably loud and its rather high pitched. Rather than being a loud rumble, its more like high pitch screaming/rumbling mixed together.

My end goal was to somehow achieve the "pops" and "crackles" with my car. With the straight pipe, I am able to achieve that which makes me quite happy, but overall, its way too loud.

What is my best path of action to make the sound deeper, less obnoxiously loud, and just overall smoother while still being able to keep those pops? I am open to any options.

I have read that putting in a resonator can help, but from what I know and from what I was told at the shop, my car doesn't come with a resonator (i found that extremely odd so please point it out if im wrong here), so that would not work.

Would putting in an aftermarket exhaust system be the best move? And if so, how would I pick the right exhaust.

If the best option is to put in a muffler or catalytic converter, I am happy to do that as well.

My apologies if i seem extremely uninformed in this area, I've just recently become financially sound enough to try it out, as i have wanted to for quite some time now.

I would also be more okay with keeping it the way it is if i knew that i wouldnt rack up a bunch of noise tickets, but the police in my area are pr*cks and I need to get this situated ASAP! Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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