Cat Back (catback) exhaust for Honda Accord 1.8i 1999 CH1


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Hi there,

I have a Honda Accord 1.8i 199 CH1 Hatchback which I have visually modifed.

I am now looking to increase its performance. The car has a Sportex backback which looks and sounds great. However, the Catback section of the exhaust is still the factory on and is all corroded - now is time to have a performance cat back fitted... However, I can find a sports cat back for a 1.8i accord ANYWHERE. I can only find ones for the Type R (which goes without saying).

Anyone know where I can get a sports Catback for a 1.8i Honda Accord?

if not, anyone know where I can get one custom made?
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just make sure they mandel bend the pipe work rather than crush bend.

but dont look for much increase in power

Hi pgarner, why do you say not to look for an increase in power?

Is it because I will be keeping my sportex backbox on rather than getting a complete cat back fitted?
no just that you wont see a huge increase in power from the exhaust alone. you may find the throttle is a little more responsive but wouldnt be looking for more than a couple of ponies from it.

the most restrictive part of the exhaust is the cat

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