Help!!New to Honda vehicle tuning need help!!!


2006 Honda Accord
Have a $4000 dollar budget for tuning my stock 2006 accord 3.0 v6. Already ordered all the suspension stuff so my budget probably just the beginning is all engine performance. Not looking to drive on a track so guess be considered fast road tuner. Thought at beginning just put a turbo on and be what I wanted but as I searched for answers realized that wasn’t going to do anything to the lacking bottom end. First on list to buy is:

1-Ktunner ECU not sure on exact one.

2-Then picking up a 2003 Honda J35a5 engine for the block and a 2002 Acura J32A2 engine for head, intake and exhaust manifolds and pistons. Probably have head port and polished while have it apart and not sure if should go with bigger pistons or not because don’t want to loose reliability of engine. Put my heart and time into things I build and don’t want it to be in wrong direction so guess few pointers or maybe next thing on list I should get? Thanks!!!
Hello and welcome |B

IF I were you and wanting more power then forced induction is the way to go as getting big power increases from a NA motor is very costly.

You seem to be concerned about the low revs response from turbos BUT correctly matched turbos will more than satisfy your needs.

I drove a turbo car for over 20 years and with a big turbo always had it in a lower gear to overcome the lo speed lag and then fitted a smaller unit and that made it way more responsive @ lower engine speeds but it lost a bit of top end power.

Feel free to join in to any of the conversations and after you have 10 posts you will be able to post pics of your car and all the mods.
Thanks for info and route I’ll probably go. Seen guys car at auto part store with turbos on it and what got me interested in tuning up this car.
If you fit a turbo then you must get an LSD as it will have traction problems in the wet as well as punching out of tight corners.
Provided that you are only looking for a smallish increase in power the stock open deck motor will be fine BUT if a serious increase is planned then I would advise fitting a block guard or even better still DARTON sleeves as both will prevent the bores moving under hi cylinder pressures.

You have a choice to LSD types the plate type that wear over time depending on how it is driven and will need re-shimming to tighten up the clamping force. This type are most used in motorsports.

On the other hand Torsen or Quaife torque sensing that are maintenance free and don't require special LSD compatible oils.

PRO TIP Torque sensing LSD's act as an open diff if a wheel is off the ground and the car is stuck /bogged BUT if you apply the hand brake and this will allow power to be sent to the wheel on the ground and get the car moving again.

Release the HB when both wheels back on solid ground.

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