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Accord 2L VTEC
hey guys. well after a very eventful n enjoyable weekend back up the road in scotland, and thrashing it about on the little back roads, iv blown a dirty great bit split in my back box :( :( so as he now sounds like a bloody tractor i need to and bring the plans to get a new exhaust forward. any idea's as to what type??? iv seen a few few with the double tail tipes either side of the car like the type r. but not sure where to get them? help would be much appreciated lads
Hello pal, not sure if i've posted it yet to you but welcome aboard if not ;) Right, I have family in St Llythans just north of Cardiff so might be able to help you out here.

What you going to want to do is get a nice custom back box built if you want it done properly. This will mean a nice smaller box/silencer with a twin exit to be able to run a seperate pipe to the other side of the car. Then just pick your tail pipes that want and have them fitted.

I've had this done at my local custom exhaust shop for the past 7 cars i've had as custom work can be cheaper, better material and you get exactly what you want. So my recommendation to you my friend is give "Welsh Coast Customs" a try (they do have a web site ;) ). Very close to you and they do some fantastic work and should be able to get you exactly what you want, even matching some pics if you want to find the one you want before going down ;)

Hope that helps.
hey bad63r, well thanks for the help there, il give them a call later on today n see what they think. its a bit unfortunate that i have now left cardiff and am rarely over that side of the seven bridge anymore as work means i am always in oxford. but like i said i will give them a shout n see what they reccomend.

cheers again bad63r
It's a Powerflow stainless steel exhaust made to order, if you look on the Powerflow website you'll find a dealer near you, but do a little research on the local suppliers some are better than others. If your happy to travel I'd whole heartedly recommend the guy who did mine (Phil @ Unique exhausts).

Another company I also looked at was Longlife exhausts they only have a handful of centers & I think there maybe one down your way somewhere. :)

Powerflow (looks like the site is down for some reason, so maybe worth trying tomorrow.)

Unique Exhausts

Longlife Exhausts

Exhaust thread...

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