Best saloon car from the 1980's


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What is the best saloon car from the 1980's? Would you be happy to own one today and would it stack up against modern cars in terms of performance?
Vauxhall Senator 3.0 24v has to be amongst the more interesting available at the time.

I also liked the Volvo 760.

BMW's E34 is arguably still a superb car.

Would I run any of them over a modern car? Probably not. If nothing else had moved on (it all has, though) the safety systems in modern vehicles are infinitely superior.
There was a 4 door Sierra badged the Sapphire Cosworth. Not really my idea of the perfect car but it went bloody well extremely well.

It has to be acknowledged as Ford's penetration into the performance market.
turbo nutter

I'm going to have to stop agreeing with you incase all the other guy's and gals on here start to think that there is something going on! But yeah,

The RS Cossie
Went through an Italian phase in my early twenties and had a choice of buying an Alfa 75 V6 Cloverleaf or Lancia Thema turbo. Bought the Lancia Doh! Putting my vote forward for the Alfa 75, mental interior who else put window switches where the interior mirror is :blink:

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