What is the best engine


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I'll leave this one open ended, and you can run with it any way you want to.

What do you think is the best engine?

I personally prefer a nice V8 but the RB26 seems to offer lots of tuning potential and flexibility.
The mighty old Mitsubishi 4G63 was available in many forms like 8,12 and 16 valve forms as well as single and twin cams and my old car had been converted from a single cam 8 valve 2 litre with throttle body injection into a 400 hp 2.3 litre 16 valve twin cam with multi point injection using only factory parts from later models.
The turbo,injectors and EMS were aftermarket items.

That car has been replaced with a Type R FN2 Honda Civic that has a lovely NA square bore and stroke ratio K20Z4 Vtec motor that loves to rev to 8.200 RPM's and is obviously totally different to turbo power.

FYI the Civics motor is closely related to the Honda S2000's motor that was producing the highest HP per cubic inch NA motor in the world eclipsing the likes of Ferrari at that time,
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I do like the 4g63 engine , my friend has a dodge caravan with air con and all that gets 12.92 in the Quarter mile ,with a little help from lotus heads etc. Also similar to the world engine that is readily avail and (2.0 T)can get 400 + hp with stock internals ;)

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