audi electronic stabalisation program warning light


I have just had to disconnect my battery so I could remove my steering wheel to change it for a better one. However, i could not do that as instead of the wheel being held on by a bolt its a massive torx screw that I dont have.

When I reconnected the battery I have a warning light showing the electronic stabalisation program has a problem. This light has never showen before so I know its related to me disconnecting the battery.

Any idea on how to put it out?

Please help as it will really bug me having the light on whilst driving!!
you will need a diatonic tool such as VCDS - the old version of vagcom wont work with the FSi engine. its a good investment to buy if your keeping the audi for a while as Audi themselves will chrage circ £80 to read the codes and reset the lights..

did you try to loosen the spline bolt - its not a torx one ? as you may have knocked the steering angle sensor causing the issue.

best idea would be to find a good indi garage to read the code and reset the light. go to ross techs wiki page and put in the code it will give you an idea of what is wrong
hi my audi aso did that when i disconected the battery but i took a drive round the block with a few turns it went off again and still does every time i disconect the battery
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