audi a3 engine conversion?


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1998 a3 1.6
hi im new to this ive recently bought myself an audi a3 1.6 petrol on an r plate,any how i really like the a3 and do not want to get rid but ive just had the cambelt done as it was on 117,000 miles and original belt,new clutch as it was on its way out ive put new interior in and had windows tinted,its booked in to have slight bodywork faults corrected,ive now looked at the oil cap and the headgasket is on its way out(confirmed by garage),so as im used to a bit more power i was thinking of buying a wrote off a3 turbo and ripping everthing out to put in mine,so just wondered what you guys recon but before you say get rid and buy a turbo i will not part with my car,and insurance wont be too bad with the conversion declared so not a problem there:lol:
1.8 is a pretty easy swap as everythings already there if your buying a right off. you will need the loom, ecu, engine, gearbox and mounts. interior you will need the instrument clocks. your keys will need matched to the clocks and ECU - this should be able to be done from the handbook as the ECU and clocks will match. otherwise its slightly harder.

R reg look to a simiar sort of age with an AGU engine and then start stripping the spare for parts to fund a K03s turbo off an post 2001. its a direct fit but with slightly bigger internals and allows more boost (K03 is struggling around 200 as safe the K03s is around 240)
nice one mate ive been looking and people say that with a k04 turbo and a remap ittl be around 265 bhp and the engine can cope whether or not its true i dont know:?:
the AMK and BAM engines are 210 and 225 as standard and yes they have the K04 turbo both are more or less the same engine and both will map to around 270. slight issue is that they run DBW rather than cable and im not sure on how easy the actual conversion is.
ok i know its 4 wires and the TB but not sure on the ECU side of things

1.8 block is good for around a safe 300 however certain engines such as the AGU have forged parts, also think that the AMK is as well
ok i think im going to be looking at around £800-£1200 for a good damaged car with a good engine as i want a reliable one does this sound about right?
for the lower powered 1.8t you should be able to pic one up at the higher end of that scale. the AMK and BAM engines seem to go for around £2k.
No fun in plonking an engine that will fit straight in either especially when you can go out and buy the exact same car but with the engine you've just put in, except the insurance is more expensive because it's a conversion and you didn't have all the hassle. The real fun begins when you try and use the 2.7 V6 TT or the charged 3ltr V6.

The mind boggles!
maybe, the 1.8 t is a very solid engine, so I would go with that,
if you need inspiration for tuning, evo mag currently has a project on at the moment tuning a 1.8t quattro audi tt, called project veyrog, they are aiming to get a better lap time around the bedford autodrome than the big bugatti, maybe you can have a look at what parts they are using, hope this helps,


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