AUDI 80 Engine Problems

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Hi, Just a quick question really.

I have a 1994 AUDI 80 SE and have had a problem with the engine but can't find the problem.

When driving along the road I get small judders now and then sometimes it will back fire.

I have change most of the ignition system from coil all the way to the spark plugs and I have also checked the throttle housing as well. I have also looked at the Mass Air Flow regulator and have checked all electrical systems for possible shorts.

Please can some one help or point me in the right direction to get this sorted. Reason being is that i'm looking to do the car up, so I thought I would start with the engine.
Does it back fire when you lift off the throttle? Are the Lambda sensor readings ok? High exhaust emissions might imply that it is running rich. What colour was the soot on the plugs when you removed them?
I had the same problem with a 2.0l 8v. It turned out to be the cambelt tentioner. I would never have suspected it until it ceased up & got ripped to shredds by the belt & threw the engine out of time.

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