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Audi A3 2.0 Tfsi
Saw a great article published on Torque Cars quite a while back about the Audi 2.0 Tfsi engine tuning it also provied some very useful hints and tips too on this Audi engine. I found it a great help when looking for my Audi A3 2.0T fsi quattro. I now need to replace the engine in that vehicle which is the VW/Audi AXX variant. I am contemplating replacing it with the slightly later BWA version of 2.0 Tfsi engine.
I understand that replacing an AXX coded engine with the later BWA revision should be a straight forward "plug and play" swap but Im wondering if it would require at least also swapping the ECU - Any informed help or guidence on this would be very much appreciated.
Hi and welcome :)

I'm sure that there will be an Audi owner here with some 1st hand info that will be able to help.
Hi Buddy, the 2.0 TFSi engines are all pretty similar, fuelling was improved on later engine. I would expect you to get away with the standard ECU on the new block, at worst you might need to change a sensor or two. Crank sensor, fuelling and turbo control are likely culprits to need upgrading.

Make sure both engines are transverse or logitudinal, as switching mounts can be frustrating.

Why not get the original engine stripped and rebuilt?

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