05 Grand Prix
Hello Torque Cars, my name is Garrett coming from Cheboygan, MI. So I've been trying to come up with a first build and I'm thinking a base Pontiac Grand Prix with a 3800 III series engine. But I seem to have ran into a few snags; I'm having the hardest time finding widebody kits (other than Duraflex, and I have no auto body talent/background to make my own (just to reassure everyone I am having the help of my dad who went to college for auto body)) would you guys have any recommendations for kits, or places to look?

Snag #2: I was looking for a sub and I ran into the Orion Hcca 12, I like it a alot, but my overall goal in my audio system is a 2000 watt (rms) as light as possible, but with excellent sound quality (and the Hcca 12 is some where near 80 lbs if not more without the enclosure) or I was thinking two 1000w rms subs (the one I was looking at was 28 lbs without enclosure for just 1 sub). If you guys could help that would be great and much appreciated.
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