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Moray, Scotland
Fiesta Edge 1.25
Recently got the new style fiesta edge 3 door in silver but as you may know it comes with a shocking set of rims. Finally decided to splash out on alloys but iv not got a clue what to get. So if anyone has any ideas on a great looking pair alloys or even just advice about what colour or style would look best then any help would be greatly appreciated, thankyou! :bigsmile:
Keep the outer circumference the same or you mess up the gearing and handling. Go with some 16 inchers if there are 15 inchers on there but put a 40 or 45 profile tyre on it.
If you can get a near perfect side shot of your car i can play with in photo shop wuickly with a few different ones if you wish. It's what I always do when buying alloyes, gives you the idea of what your car will look like.

But the wheels that look a bit like vauxhall snow flakes look quite nice on the Fiesta Edge and they are standard Ford wheels aswell so you can keep the car close to original parts.

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i would upload a picture of it but i dont know how? :lol: and yeah if i can get a picture on here that would be great if you could experiment with different ones!

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