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Does anyone know if the 1.8t engine has a gearbox sensor which tells it what gear its in ?
dont have the car today or tomorrow. whats happening is it never used to boost in neutral or 1st and limited to 5psi in 2nd then 10psi 3rd to 6th. yestarday taking it over to the inlaws as wanted away from lockerbie while the celerbrations are going on noticed when i pulled away from a set of lights it felt like it had givin boost. at the next set i glanced at the guage and noticed it flew up to 8 psi before changing to 2nd
It's more likely to be a gear stick position sensor. I'll have a look round mine but I don't recall any electronics on the box itself.

Mine does seem to boost in 1st, I can certainly hear the turbo spooling up but it does seem to be less boost than in 3rd gear.
had a quick look today and couldnt see anything. and cant recall seeing anything around the gear stick when i had all the trim removed.

still doing it but only when the engine is showing as hot now. boosting to 10psi in every gear, not complaining however ;)
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