Jetta 2.5L Question


2008 jetta
I bought my car about a year ago and really like it, but wish it had more horsepower.

Are there ways to SAFELY and inexpensively increase the horsepower from 170 to 200 or so?

Thanks in advance.
Hi, I'm from Seattle, WA. on the far side of the pond and continental U.S.

I didn't realize this was mostly a U.K. forum but very cool.

So I guess my car is called the Bora over there? I would think a 2.5L would be available, but I have no idea. But I was just wondering if there was a way to get more horses out of it.

no. only the Mk4 Jetta was called the bora over here there now calling it the jetta again.

nope we get the crappy engines and the better ones go to audi. unlike yourselfs who get all engines in all varients from what it seems.
jetta over here is avalible in

a pretty crap 1.9 common rail diesel - 105bhp compared to the older 150 bhp PD units
2 versions of the 2.0 common rail diesel - 140 and 170 bhp
2 varients of the lovely 1.4 TFSI ( twincharger) 122 and 160 bhp
and the basic 2.0 TFSI 200bhp that went in the 1st editions of the MK5 GTI

funny as the previous mk4 jetta (bora here) had the 1.6 and 2.0, 1.8T in 2 varients, 7 varients of the 1.9 diesel 90bhp-150bhp, a couple of 2.3s and a 2.8. only engine we didnt get for it were the 1.4 which wouldnt proberly have the guts to pull it along and the 3.2.

back to the original question however
better induction and exhaust, higher lift cams and a remap should see you close to the 200bhp target.
however if it is as strong as the other engines then they can take to forced induction without to much issues. have heard of an R32 golf running stock internals and a turbo running at 18psi only thing stopping it going further was the injectors were big enough to supply the juice
I see. Yeah the Audi A4 is high on my list, and I like the A3 too, but I'll have to wait a while before I can afford that ;)

Thank you for the info though. Its a fun car to drive for sure.

This is my first German car and this past winter we had so much snow, I couldn't move my car out of my parking spot. Well I didn't realize what the ASR was for so I had to do some research before concluding that I should turn it off to get power back to both front wheels. No problem after that...:toung:
Yup ive needed that to get out of a car park.
redline in 4th gear just to creep forward. the traction control was cutting the power and was sliding the car backwards

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