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    Bad Fuel @ Shell (V-Power)

    Somethings wrong, even if its 'some other fuel type' the RS runs perfectly fine on BP 95 octane (I didn't even stick in the premium as its £stupid). I was tempted to drop Shell an email tbh, as somethings not right.
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    Post your 80-100 MPH times!

    I've never logged 80-100mph on the RS6, but I have logged 60-100mph on the race-logic timing box. The best I achieved before my most recent mods (upgraded intercoolers, lighter front discs/pads and revised map) was 4.0/sec dead.
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    Bad Fuel @ Shell (V-Power)

    I think there must be some contamination in the fuel or a bad batch of fuel at my local shell as last week the RS6 started running like a bag of spanners. Ignition timing was all over the shop (I have a p3cars vent gauge so I can see live timing, boost, EGT's etc) and it'd miss so badly at...
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    Discounts and haggling with a main dealer

    When I bought the RS6 approved used a few days before Christmas in 2012, I managed £4k off their asking price. This did involve saying 'no thanks' to the deal and leaving. I left it as 'if you change your mind phone me'. I didn't even manage to drive all the way home before sales called to say...
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    Your car related tomorrow jobs

    I've got polishing to do much like Waynne, the car needs a proper detail. The last time it was done was last summer ready for the ring trip and its been neglected since then :-(... Problem is its such a large car, I really need to set aside a day if it's going to be done properly.
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    Do you heel n' toe shift?

    Thinking back through my car history, out of circa 30 cars.. I've only ever bought 3 manual cars. Two of which where my first two cars after passing my test, the third of which was the B7 RS4 purely because I wanted an RS4 and they only made them with a manual gearbox! I've had all the usual...
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    Have you upgraded your brakes

    I've kept the factory 6-pot callipers, but upgraded the discs to an AP racing disc which has much larger cooling vanes, is a two piece disc and saves 6kg of rotational/unsprung weight per disc over the OEM disc. Discs are the same size as OEM obviously (390mm) but are far better. I've also added...
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    Pump prices creeping up - why

    I love how the chocolate bar being 90p comes across as the 'bigger deal' in your post. Does someone get the munchies at the petrol station? lol
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    Faster than you'd think

    The R36 Passat was defiantly a decent sleeper... most didn't know what it was and thought it was just any normal Passat. With Launch Control on the DSG and short gearing though with the Engine and Gearbox tune it was managing 4.7/sec to 60 and 13.21/sec 1/4 mile at its best results (low fuel)...
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    Do you heel n' toe shift?

    I always rev-match a manual car, but I don't heel-n-toe. Daily I drove an auto though, so its not really an option!
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    Longest time off the road

    My C63 AMG was off the road for just over 3 months having warranty work completed... good old Mercedes. I got that fed-up of waiting and kicked that much of a fuss they eventually replaced the car! So technically, the first one never went back on the road!
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    Best moment behind the wheel

    Nurburgring last summer. First time I drove it, such good fun. I actually had more fun in the 'Rent4Ring' 1 series though I must admit, as I wasn't so nervous about it being my own car if someone did something stupid! Still couldn't resist a few laps in the RS6 though!
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    What's your favourite used premuim hatch.

    The new A class has to be a good option for the premium hatch.. and oh my does it sound good in A45 AMG form! That said - the A3/S3/RS3 are all very good premium cars in my experience as much as others havn't had much luck with VAG lately.
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    Covered in red dust

    Nothing here either... and you're not too far away from me Waynne!
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    German myth about engineering excellence

    I can't help but think this doesn't help the germany/luxury brands rank very well - as the repairs are generally far more expensive than on a Ford or Mazda for example...