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    Strange hitch hikers

    Strangest one I saw was actually wearing clothes, and didn't have the usual swearing/road kill throwing tendencies of the usual types around here. welcome to the west country. sigh.
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    Fuel from rubbish?

    maybe, if you get it before its mixed with trace amounts of gasoline. its the same principal of any other distilling. just got to ask yourself how you feel about drinking essence of rotten veg garnished with wood - shavings, and if your liver would mind something three times more potent than...
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    Fuel from rubbish?

    Sad but true, if an official has the opportunity to save the motorist or raise more tax revenue its quite obvious what route they would take. sigh. true as well the difficulty of altering an engine already tuned to a good degree for petrol, even after changing the seals and plastics within the...
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    Radical Driving Licence Changes Put To Parliament

    Its all part of the endless cycle of meddling, we all know the test should be tougher, and that teaching should be more in depth, it all reeks of middle England committee planning to me. every one of the "reforms" would make driving harder and more expensive. more possibility for fines as...
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    Fuel from rubbish?

    We all know about ethanol, E85 is an alcohol gasoline mix than burns cleaner than petrol and costs a third less ( in some places ), most cars could run on it, so why don't they. We all hear the sob stories about how the Amazon will be burnt down to make way for sugar cane to make into fuel...
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    Thinking vs facts when it comes to driving skill.

    I know im not the best driver, but im alright compared to many on the roads, i do go through cycles of confidence though, usually being brought down to earth by forgetting how slow my vehicle actually is, and that the half mile straight isnt actually enough to overtake that 50cc moped...
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    How many cars do you own

    I own half a car and some rust.
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    Oh good another micro car

    Do I detect a note of sarcasm ? I think electric cars will become more common, but more of them need to become decently fast and not take 16 hours to charge. Micro cars should go the way of the dodo anyway, if you want somthing small and economical that can transport 2 people, get a motorbike.
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    What old drivers dont get

    Im an utter zealot for the cause of tougher driving tests anyway, so im all for a re test for the pensioners, not the case for all im sure but widley they seem to fail at basic observation and reaction. Age does not mean experience, some people die having not lived a day in thier life (or...
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    Driving shoes

    Drive in anything, no chance, you try getting size twelve steel toe boots onto fiesta pedals, its not easy. I tend to drive in converse shoes, i can feel the pedals a lot better, and i dont hit the gas and brake at the same time. i dont carry my favorite driving shoes with me though.
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    Build your ultimate sleeper

    My ultimate sleeper, probably start with a mk4 fiesta (as its the only one that didnt come with a hot version) non facelift, relocate everything that doesnt need to be under the hood to the boot, fit (somehow) a cosworth duratec 2.3 (280bhp) not as powerfull as some cosworths, or a tuned volvo...
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    Duratec 2.3 HE engine

    Thanks for the link, i couldn't get on the cosworth site yesterday due to my internet playing up, the link worked though - engine looks like a beast!
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    Recession and your car modding budget

    using sheer grit i managed to find a job, its only warehouse work, but it pays. this means that my modding budget has gone from nothing to somthing, time to pull those sleeper fiesta plans out of the dusty filing cabinet. recession is brutal, as are the cuts, was going to happen though.
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    Duratec 2.3 HE engine

    While Pondering a good motor to go into a project car i came across the ford duratec 2.3 HE engine. a bit more searching later i found references to a cosworth duratec 2.3, which sounds great. problem - all the cosworths i could find seem to be modified to put out anything between 200 to 300...
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    Ban young drivers at night

    unenforcable and plain stupid. Im 21, and live in a rural area, if i cant drive home at night ill have to quit work and not return for another 3 years with this idea. and how economical to not allow lift sharing. this ban would be folly, most youth driver crashes i see are due to...