yellow esky

this is my baby when i first layed eyes on her. (love at first sight) hahahhaa


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ha ive been told by people to drop out the 1600 n drop n a 13b rotory engine, pfft it'l shake it 2 bits so nah gnna keep the 1600 standard escort engine even tho my car came out originally with a 1300..
I wish you the very best of luck with the work your going to do on that lovely car of yours! :) It's very rare to see one on the road over here, usually I only ever see these cars at classic shows and events :sad2:
It's a beauty! I grow up next to similar one - Escort 1300 XL (or was it "LX"??) in green with 4 doors. It was the first car I ever ignited and actually drive it long time ago.
Year of manufacturing was 1974. :)
When I saw picture it was like meeting first girlfirend after many, many years.
This is going to be an excellent project. Are you just restoring or will you be updating it? Mexico flared arches look very good on these.
nice base for upgrading. i you let me give an idea:
i like very much of lower ride style on this cars like this

just for take an idea friend.

nice car you have

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