What Speakers Should I Get For a Polo 1.4


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VW Polo
Hi guys,

I'd like to get some speakers for my N-reg Polo (14 years old) but I genuinly have absolutely no idea where to start, i.e what size? what make? what price? etc...

I'd idealy like to spend no more than £150, but what would be a good price to pay? Would £150 get me a decent set or would I have to spend more?

Thanks in advance!
what are you looking for ? mid range, bass.
are you wanting to replace the OEM ones in the door or add more ? 14 year old theres a good chance the paper speakers will be passed it.
I really have no idea at all about this sort of thing so I really don't know what would be best, the speakers that were built into the car still work but they go all crackly if I turn it up loud and the bass is pretty weak.

I mainly listen to Drum & Bass/Dance/Dubstep music so yeah probably something with a good bass.

What sort of thing would you reccomend? And do you think I should add to the speakers that are built into the car or have them blanked out and just use the ones I want to add?
At some point you're going to have to shift AIR if you want decent bass response. By which I mean articulate and musical bass, not just ramped up bass levels. You will almost certainly get a better result in a Polo by fitting some larger than std drive units.

They're also more efficient than little ones and take much less driving so I'd get prepared to cut holes and make good after installation.

Much bigger cars (and higher specced ones especailly) often come with high quality factory installations, whereupon you quite possibly would need to do nothing at all.

Before going down the route of a monster power amp have a look at aftermarket head units. Many now come with decent power stages built in (say 4x60w RMS) at surprisingly good prices and give a good musical account of themselves when partnered up with suitable drivers. Don't neglect the importance of a good 12v rail from the battery and a good earth (-ve) connection. This can make a huge difference to even modest systems.
like HDI said look at high quality aftermarket headunits 1st. the standard VW ones are not too great. after this i would be replacing the standard speakers with good after market components. have the low mid bass in the door as per the standard ones and have the tweeter high up so your getting the higher notes aimed at your ears rather than at your feet as per 2,3 or 4 way coaxals

drum and bass id say go for 12 or 15" sub. again make sure you go for quality rather than numbers. ie stay away from the 1000000000w amps from some Chinese knock off in a fancy box.

also make sure all earth connections for amps are as short as possible and earthed against bare metal
sorry mate just noticed you post in the mod queue. you need 10 posts to put up links images etc.

not heard of them mate sorry. but youve got the idea
That's alright, I already have a good new headunit, my brother got that done about a year ago and now he lives away so doesn't need the car. I think I'm going to go into Halfords tomorrow (well, technicall today - Friday) and maybe get it done then as they seem to have the stuff I'd want on their website and in stock.

Will let you know how it goes, thanks for all the help guys.
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Don't go to Halfords buddy. Where are you located?
And also don't listen to HDI about cutting up your door for bigger speakers there is just no need. You can replace your standard speakers with some aftermarket components of the same size. Upgrade your head unit and standard speakers and then get an amp with a couple of 12 inch subs and you'll be well away buddy.
I'm located in Surrey, yeah that's what I was planning on doing, just getting some Edge speakers for about £40 and then an "Edge ED612 Active - 12'' Active Enclosed Subwoofer" for about £80.

Does that sound right? And how come I shouldn't go to Halfords? Is there anywhere better you'd reccomend?
I wish I had £300 to spend but I don't! I'm only going to be able to spend a£150 - £200 to be honest, thanks for the link. Looking on the site it looks like I should get a component kit? It looks like that'd cover me with everything?

I feel like a cock knowing bugger all about this haha!
On the site they send you the stuff, would I then have to take it to a garage and have them fit it?

To be honest I'd rather just go to a place like Halfords who do it all for you.
woo halfords will charge you a fortune to fit it mate.
speakers will be a case of unscrewing the old ones and fitting the new ones. you will need to cut off the old speaker wire and fit new connections on the end.

amp is only 5 wires.
live feed from the battery
remote from the headunit
rca leads from the head unit
earth to chasis.

turbonutters got a guide of fitting one in the DIY section

it shouldnt take more than an hour or 2 to fit. and according to your link halfords want £40 to do it
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