How big are your speakers


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2002 Clio 172
How many watts and what size speakers do you have in your car!

I can boast a 7 inch sub which is probably quite tiny really! It copes with 1000 watts though and sounds the danglies!
Hmmm let me see now! 3 1/2" mids with 2" tweeters on the dashboard with a 6x4 dialogue centre speaker, 6" coaxial's in the front doors, 6" midwoofers in the back doors, 6x9" coaxial's and 6x9" sub and 4" mids on the rear parcel shelf, and a 11" x 300 watt RMS active sub in the boot. Amplifiers - 2x 4 x 150watt.
I think so TN :blink: There is a grill on the back shelf to one side where you can look through directly into the boot. With the exception of the 11" active sub and the 2x 4 channel amps, this is a factory install from their Premier Prestige range.
Also comes with an inbuilt colour sat nav dashboard screen instead of the usual monochrome version as part of the package..

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