What is the UK law regarding child seats


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What are the current regulations in the UK when it comes to using and fitting child seats?
All children under 135cm or under 12 must use a child seat, whether in the front or rear of the car.

All child seats must be EU approved models.

Child seats must be rear facing for children under 15 months old or when the child weighs 9kg depending on the type of child seat, some are height bases, others are weight based.

It must be fitted using ISOFIX anchor points or seat belt anchor if designed to use seat belts.

Front air bags must be deactivated.

The law does change so whilst this is currently accurate they may well be new legislation introduced in the future. Check the gov.uk website for current details.
I have my 7 year old in the front in her child seat but I have never turned the airbag off.
Are you sure this is law cause how far back she is sat it's not like the airbag is going to explode in her face.
Having read the guidelines more thoroughly it seems to be a "we'll cover our backs and say you should" scenario here. They often have the rider, "consult with your car makers handbook" and "the child seat makers instructions" to ascertain whether you should switch off the airbag.

Rear facing child seats should never be fitted to a car with active front air bags. Forward fitting appears to be more of a guideline than a rule. This depends on how far out the airbag deploys and the dimensions of the child seat and if the car seat is fully forward or some way back.
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