What is the UK law regarding speed cameras


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What are the current regulations in the UK when it comes to speed cameras?

Do they have to be painted yellow? Is it mandatory to have warning signs? Can you appeal based on whether they were forward or rear facing?
They don't have to be yellow.


There is nothing in law that states that any speed camera device whether fixed or mobile must be marked in any way, signed or at a particular position. There are codes of practice and best practice guides that are set by police forces themselves but these are policies rather than law.

Can't see how you could appeal that the camera was facing the wrong way :)
I can't see how you could appeal provided the camera is being used in the direction it's intended to be used. TRUVELO is bi-directional. GATSO works from behind so if you are photographed whilst approaching the NIP would never be anyway.

There is one interesting situation which AFAIK) has never been tested in court, and that is multiple GATSOs suspended side by side on overhead gantrys. It has been suggested that the devices have not been tested and approved to work in this configuration ie. that radar scatter from adjacent GATSOs would yield unreliable results. Perhaps we could argue a case if a GATSO derived NIP was received on account of a GATSO being too close to aircraft radar (M4/A408) Heathrow slipway, for example?

There is a rock solid and 100% guaranteed way to avoid speeding fines. Don't exceed the speed limit.

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