What are some kinda fast cars with a good mpg?


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BMW 318 e46
In my country fuel is pretty expansive..
So what im aiming for is:
-under 2000cc
-anything under 6.5/100 0-100km/h id consider fast... maybe 170-230 bhp
-good fuel economy (lets say this is my priority)

those are just numbers... a rough example what im looking for

Which cars or even better lets name the engines pop on your mind first :)
If you use whatever power you have to drive fast then you are going to increase fuel consumption no matter what type of car or engine.
Anything with the 1.4 TFSi is pretty fast and economical

A 2.0TDi also ticks the high performance and economical boxes really well.

The 1.9 GTTdi Golf is one of the best value all rounders and with a remap is blindingly quick and cheap to run.
Yes! 1.4 golf 170 hp a friend of mine showed me the picture of 4l/100km average cruising speed.
Those 1.4 turbos are quite light so go faster than a 2.3 with 170hp.

I'd add the Cliosports to your list, they are great fun to drive and fairly cheap to run.

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