URGENT - diesel mixing with oil and dpf removal


Mazda cx7
My mom bought a mazda cx7 2009 with 200k km imported from germany.

Only 1 owner and all the services were done at mazda. And everything is documented

She drives... Like a mom, never revs the engine too much

The dpf always gets clogged and needs regen.

Furthermore, oil was changed 3000km ago and it's alreadu reaches the X meaning its heavily diluted with diesel after only 3000km due to diesel getting past the piston rings during regen.

Futhermore, the owner changed the timing chain at the mazda dealership in germany and they used RTV for the side engine cover and somehow missed a spot (so much for german quality) so there is a small oil leak)

First off, is it normal they used RTV for the side engine cover? Is isn't there an OEM gasket like for the valve cover?

Normally i wouldn't worry about this too much, very small leak, had a mechanic patch it from the outside.

But probably due to the diesel in the oil, it corroded the silicone he used to patch it and it started leaking again ( it was a temporary fix anyways)

Now, not only has the oil level reached the X after 3000km, i also have a oil leak, so there is no way of knowing just how heavily diluted the oil is with diesel.

To fix that issue I'll have to get the engine removed which will cost quite a bit....

First thing i wanna do is get the DPF filter removed, so it will stop getting clogged from all the short low rpm drives

I also heard the engine will run and accelerate better and get better fuel economy, the engine will last longer, and generally everything will be better without DPF is this true?

Once they remove the DPF filter, I won't have the issue of diesel getting in the sump, I'll do an oil change to get rid of the contaminated oil.

So she'll be able to drive the car for now occasionally checking oil level ( the leak is extremely small)

I have to go abroad for sometime, i only have 4 days to find someone who will do this job.

Then when i comeback I'll go to my trusted mazda mechanic do take the side engine cover off and re-apply RTV.

I'm a total noob when jt comes to diesel engines and DPF, can someone explain to me all the pros and cons of DPF removal, and give me as much relavent information as possible?

(I know it's illegal and what not but no one cares in my country, and it will pass MOT no problem, so that's the last of my worries)

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