Turbo Upgrade for VW MK6 2.0 TDI 2011/2012?


Hello everyone,

I´m kind of new here on this forum after reading (https://www.torquecars.com/volkswagen/2-0-tdi-140-170-tuning.php) about tuning options for the 2.0 TDI engine.
So, I'm curious about what turbo i should go with here with the upgrade from stock. Thinking about probably the easiest option, to take a turbo from a 170hp golf/passat (?) and fit to my car. But the question is also if this is a "plug and play" option to do.

If someone here have done this, i would love all feedback and good to know information about that, do i need something else?

The 170 turbo is a great starting point, and there are plenty around. Try also Darkside developments in the UK for a range of suitable aftermarket turbos with bolt on kits.

Much depends on your budget and your power aims. Personally I recommend going to around 225hp, and note that most will start to get traction issues so that is a sensible limit, that will be on the 170 turbo with fuel upgrades and remapping.
Do i need to upgrade the injectors + fuel metering valve for the 170hp turbo to reach 225bhp?
And a tune on this ofc.
Darkside have a bolt on kit turbo that's right, but a little bit expensive for me, so the 170hp turbo would do i believe.
I would upgrade the injectors and fuel pump at around 200-220bhp on these, most 140's are fine, but many will start to struggle, especially if the injectors have deteriorated a little at 200hp.

A good breakers yard is a good place to go. Make sure the turbo is from a transversely mounted engine (A3 Golf Fabia etc.. - NOT PASSAT), and once you have the turbo get it checked over and cleaned up before you fit it. As a precaution, I would also swap the N75.

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