Turbo upgrade for BMW 330d


Hi. I have a 2000 W BMW 330d. It's chipped up to 218 bhp but I'm still not happy with the turbo lag. Does anybody know if the latest twin turbo set up from the 335d can be bolted on to my car and who could do it.

I guess it will be expensive but it would prevent me having to change what is an otherwise superb car.
Welcome to the site. Nice to have you aboard! Have you done anything other than the re-Chip and which chip did you go for?

Have you looked into getting your existing turbo 'reconditioned' and rebuilt to better than standard tolerances? There are some specialists springing up out there that offer direct replacements. The twins do seem to reduce lag but overall turbos will always suffer a degree of lag. I would also imaging that a twin turbo will need a different control from the ECU as the BMW's are pretty technically advanced. I'd be curious to hear HDIfun's comments (he's our resident DERV-head! :lol: )
BMW Turbo upgrade

Hi Waynne,

Not sure if the chip was actually replaced or just tweeked in some way? The work was done by R E Performance in Bury who did a great job. They got a specialist in who hooked the Engine Management System up to a lap top I think to do the work. (I'm guessing a little and probably showing my ignorance).

R E also lowered the car about an inch fitting Eibach Springs that I specified. They didn't think it needed different shocks as the standard one's are good quality. The handling has been improved considerably and together with the power increase (184 to 218 as shown on the rolling road printout) make the car a real blast to drive. (It's the SE version with 17" wheels not a sport. Fast and anonomous just as I like it)

I think the latest 335d has the same engine as mine (3 litre) it is just designated 335 as a result of the extra power delivered by the new twin turbo layout. The write ups on the latest car suggest that the turbo lag has all but been eliminated and power and torque improved massively. (It was already great)

I don't think my turbo is operating below par in any way I'm just looking for even more power when I press the "noisy pedal".

Since my car has only done 66k and is in perfect nick I don't want to spend the 42 grand neccesary to buy a new 335 with the same spec as my car.

I am however willing to spend the money required to obtain that leval of performance. I don't fancy asking BMW to do the work I'd need a new mortgage!
I was just thinking that a turbo specialist can take your turbo apart - and rebuilt it with different internal parts to give more power. Not so much of a rebuild of whats already there. They will also balance and flow it to ensure the maximum delivery :shock: . A custom tune is always the best bet - you get the max your car can delvier rather than an average tune up. Sounds like it has been reprogrammed (a remap).

Its always surprising how much the handling can be improved with different springs!

I heard of a guy with a 335 - left the keys in it at a petrol station, it got stolen and his insurance refused to pay out because he had left the keys in the ignition :roll: . I bet it was on finance too - poor bloke!
BMW Turbo Upgrade

Thanks for that Waynne, I'll explore the turbo re-build with the other options I'm looking at.

I can't believe people still leave keys in the ignition, ever, unless they are sat in the car. You would probably get away with that in a 1976 Citroen Diane but definitely not a 335!

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