BMW 318d b47 turbo upgrade and tuning


318d lci 2018
Hello everyone, i am new here,
as i am searching on the internet and not finding much, i decided to ask here,...
i want a boost in power little bit stronger than just chipping it to 190 bhp, are there any turbo kits thet give more power,
or is it possible to fit a 325d turbo to my 318 d, i know that probably bettet option will be to sell the car and buy a 325 or 330d,
but i bought it new in less than two years, and sounds stupid to me to sell it now for half of the price... :)
The high compression ratio in these blocks is going to cause you problems. A low boost supercharger kit may be your best option, rotrex do some decent compressors. If you can lower the compression ratio then you can hit whatever power limits you want.

Even a fast road cam will only give a little more power, BMW did a pretty good job on this engine.

The turbo engines BMW's are pretty simple to upgrade through hybrid turbos and remaps and you can get another 30% more power with just a few bolt on parts and a remap.
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