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Hello all, i'm new to this place. I'm thinking of getting an Audi as a project car, something to keep in the garage and work on to drive on weekends. I want a car that I can say I took up past 400 whp, and i've always loved audi styling, as much as I love my SAAB. However i'm getting tired with FWD. I want to try the awd scene.

Anyways, i'm looking for suggestions as to what Audi to look at. Something moderately priced, which I'll get used awd and with a tranny with a high torque limitation. I love the TT and A4/5 body. The 2.0t might be something I may be more familiar with which is similar to what my saab has. However, i heard good things about the 1.8t. I'm not against a V6, but I do like the "greenness" of a 4 banger.

Any suggestions Audi guruu's. As a high school band director I need to keep my hands under the hood to keep my sanity sometimes.
400bhp from the 1.8t although not hard doesn get £££.
the TT doesnt get real awd but main FWD and a haldex clutch to work the rear wheels when they slip

looking at the A4 body go back a few years to around 2002 and the S4 is a pretty good option V6 twin turbo gives around 250bhp in standard for but swapping the turbos for the slightly ore powerful ones and a map your looking at around 320-330bhp
The RS3 is only coming out in April 2011 so I think you mean the S3 which is a good car. The 1.8T engine in 225bhp format is a great base to work on. An older S4 would make a superb project car as it has a lot of stock performance parts already.
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