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Hi all.
My name is MattK and I don't have a car to work on at the moment because I have sold my last project (a racing mini classic). Was thinking of moving on to a VW Golf, and I rather like the Mk1 or Mk2 shape best and would like to mid-mount the engine (V6 or V8 unit) and run it on a four wheel drive train ideally. :shock:

I am in the planning stages at the moment, but I am really struggling for ideas on donor cars for the drive train as you can imagine! I think that this might be an impossible task, so any ideas that anyone has would be good! :D
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Audi s3 1.8t engine yes i know its only a 4 potter and not a v6 or 8 but its giving 225 bhp as standard and lighter than than the heavier v engines.

but prob need a custom built gearbox

have seen a RS6 engine fitted mid car in a TT but it was built for hill climb events
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Is the TT drive train not set up for front engine mounting, I had assumed that it was? The RS6 engine is a good idea, I will have a look at some TT running gear and see how easy it would be to modify it.
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yeah both tt and rs6 are set up for front mounting

thats the only problem a custom gearbox would have to be built

theres not really that many cars that are mid mounted and use 4 wheel drive

other idea is using the rear mounting the engine and using the porsche engine and drivetrain with prop and driveshafts altered to suit

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