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What are your top tools to recommend to someone starting out in modding cars?

Is there a little tool or gadget that you find you are always using and has saved you a lot of work?

What about hiring tools, does that make better sense?
Sockets, spanners, files, screwdrivers, hammers and a tape measure will be the most used tools so get these ASAP.

Some tools can be worth hiring if used infrequently or you have a lack of storage space. EG engine hoists take up a fair bit of space. Likewise an arc welder. However it is always best, IMO, to buy what you need if at all possible as it is much cheaper in the long run and a lot more convenient.
A tension wrench is a must for serious modding/engine rebuilding .and eliminate under tightened or over tightened/broken nuts/bolts
I also use mine on the wheel nuts as well.

A magnetic puck up tool is also handy to retrieve nuts/washers that invariably fall into the tightest of places that your fingers just can't quite reach.

This is the one I use
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There is always something new that catches my eye and being a "toolaholic" it is hard to resist adding to my tool kit that already has more than enough to do a major overhaul.
Have ramps,Large and small trolley jacks, safety stands, compressor ,rattle guns,die grinder ,
tyre inflators , cordless rattle gun,Emergency jump starter as well as a well stocked separate box I take to events etc

Have been resisting a borescope at present ;)
Don't resist, I now have two :) They have been used numerous times but not for inspecting bores yet.
I am weakening day by day.:)

Have you been using the BS to check your tonsils :confused: :rofl:
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Resistance is futile :)

No, but I used one to locate a rocker pushrod on a friend's V8. I also checked the clearance between the gearbox and chassis on the Elan.

Make sure that you get one with a camera that fits down a spark plug hole, they don't all have a camera small enough. Make sure the accessories include a 45 degree mirror that also fits down a spark plug hole.

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