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In your garage at home are you well equipped? What tools do you have? Which are your favourites and are there any tools you have only ever used once?
These get the most use:

150-piece socket set (Halfords Pro one)
Nice little box set of Stanley screwdrivers

Then loads of other tools including:

Engine crane
Engine stand
Digital Vernier calipers
Clarke 130e (maybe?) MIG welder
Sif lite auto-darkening mask
Big spotlight
4x axle stands
Clarke Racing jack
Halfords orange jack
Soldering Iron
2x Torque Wrenches
Various pliers, snips, feeler gauges, rulers, WD40, plus gas etc etc etc
I've probably missed a few things.

Then there's my work tools for lagging and sheet metal work:

Tin snips (Lefts, rights, straights, stainless cutters, pipework cutters)
Metal working hammer
Strap banders
Whirly Bird bander
Tape measures
Lagging knives
Mole grips
Battery drill

...I've had enough of typing PMSL!
A couple of screwdrivers, a copy of VCDS, a laptop, a Kess V2, a DimSport New Genius & a socket set. Pretty much anything that cannot be resolved with electronics and I'll have the car straight into my friends garage...
I have just two tools in my garage which have never ever let me down!

1) Bang & Olufsen Beocom 600
2) iPhone 4

I get somebody else to do the work for me! :lol:
a tyre pressure gauge;
a digital multimeter;
an ageing HAMEG CRT digital storage oscilloscope (not sure if this still works anymore);
a long list of specialist expletives!!

like T9 I get someone else to do work for me - it's much much safer
I've got a 2 tonne jack, axel stands, various paint and painting equipment, wrenches, socket/screwdriver set, a couple of knives, various hammers, a sledge hammer and the standard BMW tools.

I've probably forgot a few bits but I'm not going out to check! It helps having a Dad that's a bricklayer as some of his tools come in handy sometimes.
have nothing at home other then the odd screwdriver as all my tools are at work

dont think i could tell you what i have in my box at work as its full am thinking of getting a bigger box but dont have the room for one
Scissor Jack that the Elan sits on. Only goes 4 feet high but as there is nothing under the car this is fine.

Large stuff:

Mig Welder
Milling machine
Bench drill
Bead blaster
Metal brake
Oven for powder coating
Engine hoist
Engine stand
Large and small trolley jacks
Overhead electric hoist
Corner weight scales
Small bench press

Small stuff:

Having spent my youth and early married years making do, I now buy the tools I want/need so don't need for much.

One of the most important items in the garage is the carpet! Floor tiles take the coldness out of the floor and your feet and greatly reduce the ache from standing for hours. Nice to sit and roll around under the car on too. Tiles also mean you can replace them if damaged.
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It'll take a lot of time to name everything, but I try to keep every kind of tools inside, because it not only earns you a good workshop practitioner, it also helps cut short the time taken....
i cant be arsed typing out everyone of them. so lets just say i have enough to maintain and service my car;)
a 6ft x 4ft shed jammed literally from floor to half way up the door from back to front.
spanners, sockets, welder. roofing tools, snips, gun, nibbler, battery riveter and lots more.
no jack, axle stands tho.
Aw,tools in my garage ??? Damn,what I'd give for a proper garage even if it was only big enough to keep tools in.Have a bare earth shell with no doors that I can maybe get as far as my door mirrors in but no more and it leaves no room to work around the car.Having no door leaves it open to damp and unwelcome attention so my basic tools are there with the more expensive and sensitive gear in the house or boot.

What tools then??? That's like listing the cars I've had there is always going to be a few I forgot about till long after I posted them.To start with numerous 1/2,3/8 and 1/4 inch drive ratchets,bars and all kinds of extensions plus normal,deep and air impact sockets from 2.5mm up to 34 or 36 mm.No air wrench but you cannot break impact sockets no matter how hard you go at it.Same goes for spanners,ringed and open,swan necked etc,etc in all the sizes metric cos I just don't use imperial anymore.Also got all kinds of screw drivers,pliers,snips,metal shears,feeler gauges,compression gauge,vaccum gauge,magnahelic differential pressure gauge,spring compressors,valve spring compressors,bearing pullersrear caliper reset tools,taps n dies,vernier and caliper gauge,dial gauge,scales,infra red temperature gun,NuTools 135 Gas/Gasless Mig,digital multi meter,Sealey scan tool,piston ring compressor,torque wrench.....got a heavy 3 foot 1 inch drive breaker bar from used by truck mechanics and paid near £40 for an impact socket quality 1nch to 1/2 inch reducer for all those things that won't budge no matter what....I think my favourite tools that are so amazingly versatile it's unbelievable and that's a very good quality pair of mole grips.In fact i've got at least 4 plus half size ones,all forms of electrical tools......i'd love an oscilloscope and those cameras that you could feed down the spark plug hole and see inside.In fact,one tool I've found invaluable recently is my Samsung Galaxy Note 3....start of the summer the car was losing coolant but the way the bottom hose was set right in there was no real way either from above,below or in through the wheelarch that i could get a proper look to determine for sure if it was the rad or the hose but it has an excellent 12/13 mp camera,blinding flash,timer and auto focus so if i can get my hand in with the phone i can take photos of parts or from mad angles i could never get near with my own eyes.....that's before we get into the obd2 apps i have and terminal apps too'

I'll I've forgotten plenty no doubt.....oh yeah a couple of trolley jacks and axle stands with some decent wooden blocks I've picked up to put between the car and the jack....oh yeah angle grinder,drills,professional buff,dremel with the long hand held flexi shaft,vaccum gauges for setting up carbs,valve grinding tool......brings me to another thing has anyone got a good method of reaming out old valve guides and pressing it new ones cos I got quoted a ridiculous price from the local machine shop.I always think to myself well the Egyptians build the pyramids at Giza with copper and bronze chisels so there are ways to accomplish any work on a car with a little lateral thinking and problem solving,99% of the time I am right about it.You CAN do the job if you approach it the right way lol.

Am gonna leave it there but am sure I've got other stuff that i've not brought to mind yet lol

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