Removing the steering wheel


Hello All

I want to replace my standard audi steering wheel with A new momo one that I have bought.

I have just been searching online to find out how to remove the original wheel and says to make sure that I have the radio code first!!

what on earth is a radio code and how do i get one?

Please advise.

By the way, its an audi a4 fsi 2003, 2l petrol.
A radio code is a security code for the radio.
you should have been given it when you bought the car - check the audio handbook i might be there. if not Audi will be able to get it for you but expect to pay for it depending on the dealer.
you may get away with it anyway as after you reconnect the battery back up the radio should connect to the CCM and check its the same one. if it is fine if not itll ask for the code.
i did get away when i changed my battey. when it asked for a code switched the ignition off (key out job) and switched it back on. worked fine. - this was on the VW and they share alot of the same modules with the Audis

if its an aftermarket head unit then you dont need to worry
no problem then ;) swap the steering wheel over - does it have an airbag ? if not you will have to link the airbag sensor out. if you find that the radio doesnt work then time to buy a new one.

when did you buy the car ?
reason i ask was i was going through all the books a few weeks after buying mine and found the radio code was missing. phoned up the garage and said about it, was told to take it to my local dealer and they would retrieve the code FoC.
no the airbag light should go out after a few seconds, basicallly so you can see the lights working.

as for linking it out you need to do some research for the resistance over the airbag and fit a resister in place of it. i think its around 330 ohms but dont take that as gospel
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