Remapping 03 1.8 Turbo In the Seattle Area, any help?



New to the forum.
Have a 03 1.8 turbo with 77k (Miles)
Looking to up it from the 180 to 220 or so with the most efficient tune.
I live in the Seattle area and all you seem to be from the Old Country.
Any help on this side of the pond.
Have you sorted out the diverter/recirc valve? The standard ones are pretty weak and if you are remapping it would make sense.

Nice to meet you and may I wish you a warm welcome to TorqueCars.

We're from all over the world, not just the UK! We have quite a growing number of US users joining us all the time.

I've done a few web searches and not come up with any remapping services in Seattle. There are plenty of UK companies offering this and I can't beleive there are none in the US yet. Perhaps you could get a 'VAGCOM lead' and get someone to sell you a remap to upload? ( offer this service and provide remap files to download for a modest fee.)
youll not see 220 from the map alone. generally a generic map will see you to around 210.
you will need sports or decat, turbo intake pipe and a front mount is advisable for the 220

have a look at the above. youve also got APR more readily avalible over there
would it not be easyier to reset the map with a laptop to your own specs?

Not really unless you know the coding- hense why companies can charge a fortune for custom maps
you can get standalone ECUs it instructions on how to write a map
but get it wrong and its good by engine if your unlucky.

To the OP a vagcom lead isnt any good for uploading of maps
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