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Firslty, allow me to introduce myself! My names Chris, I'm a 24 year old scouser (a nice one). In January I bought myself a 1996 1.8 T Sport A4 as a non runner, with a view to making a quick quid sorting it and moving it on.

I only paid £300 for the car, and once I got it sorted, me being me, I decided to keep it. I've put a timing belt on & water pump on it, and given it a good service. Its been sat in my garage since I bought it and I've been doing odd jobs on it her and there.

I'm a young mechanic so engines come naturally to me. This is my 3rd Audi, however its my first with a turbo, so I'm still learning about that aspect of things. I've decided 150 horsies, is 2 things. Firstly, its probably an over enthusiastic figure and secondly....not enough!!!

Upgrades I'm considering include the,recently discoverd, air box mod, better dirverter valve. A cat back Milltek exhaust and Revo remap. My question is, does it matter what order I do them in?

I know the remap will give me the biggest gain, and I know that combining all the above will help each other out. But does it matte what order I do them in? Am I better off fitting the exhaust, then getting the map done to enhance the gains the exhaust has previously given? Or can I get the map done, then put the exhaust on etc? I'm assuming it doesnt really matter as Im only going for the standard stage 1 revo and not a custom one.

Ona more personal note, am looking forward to speaking to y'all on here, and a few of you may recognise me from a few other t'internet forums.

Cheers guys'n'gals!!!
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hey and welcome

not really i done the DSG airbox upgrade in the bora - not sure if its avalible for the audi. then the cat back and forge when they went. still not remapped yet but must get it done this year.

A generic remap will take it to around 190bhp the K03 turbo thats on the older engines is going to be pretty much maxed at this point.
an idea would be to look for a K03s turbo from a later model post 2001 and fit that. this is a straight swap but the internals are bigger on one side. a remap with this on providing it is mapped properly then you should be looking at around 210bhp from that alone. these turbos can take to around 240 before getting to their limit, this is normally seen as enough in FWD models and alot easier than fitting a K04 from the S3, or 225 TTs or a GT?? turbo

and is there any nice scoucers? ;)
and are there any nice scoucers? ;)

Nice enough to correct your grammar....:p

So I'm better doing the turbo first, then getting it remapped? I'm taxing it next week and really want to just be able to go for a looooooong drive in it! But I suppose if funds permit, I could do them both in next week. Turbo wont take long to do, and the revo takes hardly any time to do. I'm going down next saturday for one of the 5 hour test doo dars they do. Im really looking forward to it! Give my N75J valve a real test out hahahahaha (I know how much controversey surround these! Believe it or not, the J version's part number was directly linked to my chassis number....good times!!:bigsmile:)
saves you getting it remapped twice, you can go straight to a semi custom one

looked into the J but it seems a waste on mine only seems to help on the earlier ones
Hmmmm, maybe a bigger turbo as a first upgrade then. I've just had a scout round on eBay. There's a ko3s on there with a hair line crack in the water part of the turbo. If the ko3 and ko3s are the same but with different internals, would I be able to get it, swap the case over with my nice non busted one and bag myself an uber cheap turbo?? I hope so, I'm already bidding on it!!! Mwahahahahaha!! Think I'm going to orders forge recirculate valve later too. My understanding of them is, they make no difference performance wise, but are just a better part to have if your running more power as the factory ones suck,yes/no????
the forge is a must have pretty much. you can use the TT version as its stronger but the rubber in them splits easy. mines went around 40k. sounds slightly better as well.

not sure as the internals are different - less blades but slightly larger - so not sure if you could just swap them over.
if its the water part i wonder if it could be repaired
I might aswel get a forge one then! I think my current valve may be shagged, as I can't hear anything from it, but then again, I don't know what I'm supposed to be able to hear! Aslong as that turbo doesn't go up to stupid money, I'll get it anyway, if it can be fixed I e saved a shed load of money, I it can't I'll put it back on ebay. As you say with it being the wet side it should be ok, after all, it's only metal really!
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you shouldnt be able to hear the standard one unless your giving it the boot and has stereo off even then all youll here is a slight whoosh. in my case when it started to go it was getting louder and louder. when it finally goes you will have no boost as it will all be looping round and round
Oh, well maybe its not then. I told you I was a rooky with turbo's! I'll get a force recirc one sometime soon then. Im really interested in this k03s turbo though, I don't like waiting, and I want it now! Same as I want it mapped now! Is it 100% imperrative that the map gets done last? Even if its a standard one??? I'm itching to get it done!
Welcome to the forum Chris. Re-map should be last on the agenda so it can take into account all of your modifications. Pgarner is a VAG expert so heed his words :lol:
Hi and welcome!
It doesn't matter when you get it mapped unless you change the turbo, injectors, fuel regulator then you will need to get it mapped after.
Remap wise, I advise you to go to celtictuning, yes I'm a dealer for them but I wouldn't be one if they weren't very good. I advise against Revo as they can be a bit sneaky with things, don't want to go into details. I can normally come to you to remap it but a 500mile round trip for me is a bit too far unless you fancy coming to me so you can enjoy the map for the way home and trust me you will.
Agree with Lemon on Revo have heard alot of bad things about them and maps causing issues.

(might give you a shout mate next time im down in shenfield s if ive not got it mapped by them as i think a 800mile round trip is a bit far for you )

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