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Elan & Robin Hood
I have decided to replace my carbon fibre faced fibreglass seat wth something more in keeping the car's performance potential. I am looking at something along these lines;

The car will be used for drag and sprinting. Is this OTT? Would one of these be sufficient?

Thse are both made by Kirkey, who seem to be the leading player in this market. Are there any other seat manufacturers I should look at?
I've often seen these and thought why would you as they look like a back breaker. I also find it hard to believe they have the strength in them to protect the driver or passenger, but what do I know.
Definatly the one with the most holes so it is in keeping with the rest of Steves lightening mindset:)
Have a look here and tell me what you think?


No doubting the design and quality, have seen them before but it is one of those products I would have to try to be convinced. They remind of the aircraft seats. Some do look quite technical but I must admit I like a bit of comfort. But for a drag car then it would be perfect for you due to the lightweight structure.
I need to try before I buy but having trouble finding a stickist in Essex/Kent/ SE London
You could see if they will post one out so you can try it . It shouldn't cost much if they weigh close to nothing
Drag racing circles? :) :)

Actually, not as daft as it seems. In the early days of land speed record attempts at Bonneville the course was a circle. It changed to a straight course once speeds got too high.
Actually Steve, looking at what you are capable of doing metalwork wise, I am rather puzzled why you don't make your own seat out of aluminium :confused: You can cut and shape the metal in your workshop and get your friend to weld it.
If you ask me, you are more than capable of creating a small masterpiece here ;)
Bloody Hell!! Will you please cease and desist in giving me ideas!!!! :)

There is no point in reinventing the wheel or, as in this case, the seat.

The cost of the material would be relatively small. However, the time required to make supporting jigs and welding it together (ignoring my time designing and shaping the aluminium) would make the project uneconomic in time and cost compared to simply buying a tried and tested (and accepted by scrutineers) seat from the market leader.

I think......:)

The lightweight Kirkey tips the scales at 4.8kg, around 2kg less than my carbon fibre/glassfibre seat.
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