Putting a Turbo in a 03' Lancer


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Australia, Perth
Mitsubishi LancerCE
Just a quick question here..
Is it possible to put a turbo in a naturally aspirated 1.8L 4G93 engine? It's not something i would probably do, just being curious. Cheers!
im pretty sure thats the same engine they use in the first evo 1 gsr which came with a turbo as standard
Correct :D
From experience owning a turbo powered car can easily become an addiction when one is subjected to the shove in the back that the turbo gives when spooling/boosting up and after a while you will find yourself wanting more :love:;)
I know there is a turbo model of the current engine in my car, much to my luck i have the 4G93 not the 4G93T.. i have no experience in mechanics so i won't be playing with the engine. Thanks for the advice though, greatly appreciated:lol:!!

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