Power to be had from 90's cooper 1.3


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Hi all,

Am looking at buying one and was wondring if there was much point in modding it, maybe fitting a turbo, uprated sus and brakes, but if there isn't much power to be had from the engine then might be put off.

So how much do you reckon you could get from the engine without having to replace loads of the internals?



To be honest I didn't expect much, do you think it would be possible to put a turbo on it? Even just a little one, mabye get 120-150 bhp(probably waaay past the mark with those figures).

not without rebuilding the engine up mate.
have heard of a couple running honda vtec engines in then mix of b16 and k20 engines
would require alot of work. you could allways buy it and have fun with the handling
That was the original plan, was just interested to see if you could do much with the engine!

Got a mate with a stock one and the handling in that is pretty good fun, would b interesting to see how it would be after playing with the sus a bit.

Thanks for your help!

Then theres always the oppertunity to stick a hayabusa engine in the back... LOL.

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Yeah I have seen a few modded minis with superchargers which get 150bhp for roughly between £1000-£3000. You can fit a mini metro turbo engine but they are hard to come by so you would end up rebuilding it from scratch. The most power you will get from a mini is with a Z-cars conversion. They have 2.0 Honda engines i think. They get 250bhp but that is very expensive to do. I am thinking of getting a cooper again and fitting a supercharger.
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