Mini Cooper 1.3i 1996



Looking at a lovely Mini cooper next weekend,Its got high mileage (104,000) but its just had the bodywork sorted and resprayed,the guy wants 3k for it.I'm not a mini expert but ive had a quick look underneath and all seems well.Im gonna have a proper and thourough look next Sat but could do with some idea's of what to look for. Is 3k a fair price to pay? Thanks Guys for any input please.:eek:
I think so, check the chassis for rot right under the sills. It will be one of the few cars that won't depreciate.

Make sure all the panels line up and it hasn't been in an accident.

If the engine did go bang it isn't a massive job fitting in a new one so don't worry about the mileage.

Nothing is selling at the moment so I'm sure you can haggle him down a bit! Try for £2500 on the phone unless you are desparately wanting the car.
Mini's will rot as long as the sun shines, so no getting away from it. Check the subframes and sills for any signs. Most corrosion is exterior, below the headlights, 'A' panels, door hinge section, windscreen scuttle area and check the body seams and gutter. Might pay to take a magnet along to see if there are any signs of filler. Easy to work on and parts are pretty cheap. Mini's are commanding silly prices so play hard ball and use the mileage as leverage. Does it have any mods or aftermarket bits?
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