post your TC stickers


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gostivar, macedonia
Opel Corsa B X14XE
post them, because i wanna see them on your cars.
wanna see how do they look.

i still got mine, waiting for the right car to put them on it.
Here's mine:-

Nah it's about half an inch to much to the right, it doesn't line up with the boot lock It's daft I know but things like that stick out like a saw thumb to me. It's like seeing an expensive car with a slightly wonky number plate, that would drive me up the wall if it was my own car! It's my Dads fault, he's worserer than me! :embarrest::lol::amuse:
They are sticky on the printed side so I doubt it. I will get some printed with reverse sticky sides so they can be affixed to doors bumpers and small children.

We've had quite an influx of requests for them since this thread started. Good stuff and hopefully there will be alot more pics posted up.

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