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hi everyone, i'm new to the forum and i have a little problem. i've just bought a sony cdx-gt121 head unit for my mk3 golf and had a go at installing it myself. seemed pretty straight forward, i removed the old H/U unplugged the leads and plugged the new set in. everything was fine for about 4-6wks and one day i went to start my car and it was dead! the battery had drained! i thought it may have been the install so i checked it over, charged the battery up and once again after 4wks the battery drained again. am i doing something wrong when i install this H/U? a couple of times the display has said FAILURE on it but i've checked that and apparently that's the speaker and amp conflicting - i don't even have an amp installed yet!

plz plz help me :sad2:

ps. the time on the H/U always resets too?
That sounds like the red and yellow wire are back to front. Most headunits come with connectoes on the back to swap them over without cutting wires. The yellow wire on the headunit goes to a constant live, that's what keeps the clock alive and Saves the radio stations. The red wire should go live with the key in the ignition or accessory position. That is a common thing with car stereo's. Also make sure the blue wire on the back of the hu isn't touching anything metal, mabey out some tape on it, as that will drain you battery if it earthed on s metal bit of your car or hu.
thx so much Gangsta! i've just popped out to my car and did what u said, swapped the red and yellow around and it seems to have done the trick! i set the time on the h/u and it keeps memory as well as all the radio stations :bigsmile: i had 2 blue wires from the h/u - one blue/white which i figured was for the amp and the other that's just blue with ATT written on it, but that's already got tape wrapped around it - am i safe?
If you don't have an amp in then tape it, if you fit an amp at a later date you can always take the tape off.

Glad I could help, and welcome to the forum!!
Welcome to TorqueCars lolly and well done for having a go and doing it yourself ;) Hope you stick around here - we've got quite a few interesting topics;)
thx for welcoming me waynne! i do plan to stick around as i'd like to try and install my amp and sub at some point. it's pretty old as it was my 206 which was my first car 5 yrs ago! but my ex installed it so i wanna try doing this myself :D i'll search the forum...
Keep us posted and feel free to post up questions. We have an ICE install guide coming up soon....
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