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hey im getting an exhaust sytem put on my car in just over 2 weeks. and the guy was asking me where abouts i want my cat placed. he told me he was going to put it near the rear of the car as it has better top end performance. and i was just wondering wat happens if i put it near the front or middle and such. can any1 help please? thanks
Cats are more efficient the hotter they are, this means putting it near the front of the engine. Most manufacturers go this route and it makes a lot of sense to me.

A cat that is cold for longer periods of time will not last very long IMHO.

Are we talking about a sports catalyst or a standard one?
as they have said there is a reason why they put it at the front and its so it gets red hot

plus i dont know if they have lamba sensors before and after the cat on them if they do will have to rewire the one after the cat so more messing around
but some mine for example have 2 1 before the cat and 1 after;)

Diesel engines run open loop 2 way unregulated cats so there will not be any lambda sensors at all.

I think the ones you mention are pressure and exhaust temperature sensors to deal with the diesel particulate filter and it's periodic regeneration process.

I am assuming that your Cupra is a diesel.
If they are even asking about putting the cat at the rear of the car i would question their ability and knowledge of anything more technical than a space hopper.
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