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MGTC and MGTF1500
Having decided on a second hand 2 post lift it being 3 phase and my only having a single phase supply I now need pointing to a 3 phase converter. The current motor is a Hofmann 3KW running a mechanical screw type lift Holman 2.5 ton lift. I`m purely a classic car enthusiast so it will not be "over worked". Once a suitable converter has been purchased I will get a qualified guy in to sort it.
It is possible to convert a 2-phase electrical socket to a 3-phase electrical socket, but it is not a simple task and requires the expertise of a qualified electrician.

In a 2-phase electrical system, two conductors carry the alternating current (AC) voltage, while in a 3-phase electrical system, three conductors carry the AC voltage. Additionally, the voltage and frequency of the two systems are also different.

To convert a 2-phase socket to a 3-phase socket, the electrician will need to install a new 3-phase circuit breaker, run new wires for the third phase, and reconfigure the wiring at the distribution panel. The electrician will also need to ensure that the electrical loads are balanced across the three phases.

Is this a US import or just a UK oriented 3 phase lift?
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