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Been reading on 208 tuning for ages and thought I should start with a turbo then head into cooling/exhuasts and that later.

Found some relatively nicely priced Turbo's on eBay that say they fit the 208. I just want more bhp and turbo seems to be the most economical money/bhp option for the moment.

I have a 1.2L 84bhpVTi and simply want to keep the same engine but mod it out for enjoyment and to get used to tuning before I hit 21 and look for a decent tuneable car. Any thoughts opinions tips n all? searched a bit already on adding a turbo and the 208 tunign pages ~
Under 21? This is an expensive project you are embarking on and your insurance will take a hit as well.

Added a turbo is not as simple as just bolting on a turbo and driving away.
I (and many members) have posted before on the intricacies involved here, but it always bears repeating.

The following assumes you know what a turbo actually does.....
The turbo will need a decent exhaust flow to spin it. This means better exhaust out pipes and manifold.

With the increased amount of air going in you will need more fuel.
More fuel is delivered by an upgraded fuel pump and put into the combustion chamber by larger injectors.

All of that is controlled by your ECU. Which will need replacing so it knows how to control turbo pressure and fuel intake. And it will need the correct sensors on your exhaust or air intake so it knows how much air/fuel to put in. The ECU will then need to be remapped to your engine.

This stronger explosion in the piston will drive your crank more (thus generating more power) but will also stress the engine. The head, the pistons, the rods, everything will need looking at. Will they be able to stand the extra power without cracking? Will the transmission and clutch handle the extra power?

And after all that you may not see much gain from such a small engine.

However, once you've made your engine kick out more power, and drive you faster, you may want to stop. And go around corners. This means bigger and better brakes and suspension. More cost.

There will be more but this gives you an idea of what you thinking about doing. It will be expensive and a tough learning curve if you are not totally skilled in these things (or just plain expensive if you are getting someone else to do it ;)).

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for people modding their cars. It gives you an insight into how they work and you will appreciate your car more for the work done. Just don't go in with your eyes closed :) You may want to seriously consider saving your money until you reach 21 and buying a better base car.
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Oh right, I read about it a load but didn't realize it needed that much engine work, I though coolants, exhuasts/intakes and injectors but did't know ECU,remapping n others were needed, it was a thought and a plan but looks like since I certainly won't afford to do all that I'll probably drop it....

Just wanted a relatively cheap, round the simple hundreds way to beef up the 1.2 and learn some things about tuning along the way as I haven't really done much just watched and seen.

Guess it I will just have to wait till 21 like everyones been saying, sad but life. Thanks for the insight thought it might be worth asking someone here :)
May I suggest that you save and when you are able trade your car in on a factory turbo model of whatever takes your fancy as that will be the most economical way to get into turbo power.

Highly modified OR factory turbo powered cars generally incur higher premiums especially at your age so do your homework first.:)

Lunchmoney has given sound advise |B
Yeah I guess it is the best option, just going to be a good couple of painful years sitting on a 1.2l made by the French for now, oh well...

guess instead of improving my car I can go with your track idea and improve my driving so I'm ready for my handsome turbo powered car when I get it :)
improve my driving so I'm ready for my handsome turbo powered car when I get it
Get some professionally recognised advanced driving qualifications and your insurance may come down a bit, mitigating the rise when you pick up a powerful car :)

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